Rule Change Proposals - Due September 15th

All ARMCA competition events are governed by the AMA rulebook as well as the ARMCA rulebook.  Changes to the AMA rulebook are done at AMA Congress in October every year – if you want to suggest a rule change for the AMA rulebook, talk to one of our AMA congress delegates before August of each year in order to get your proposal included in that year’s AMA Congress proceedings.  If you’d like to suggest a change to the ARMCA rulebook, use the form below (or otherwise include all relevant information) and send your proposal to the ARMCA secretary before Sept. 15th to be considered at that year’s annual meeting.

Here’s how our rule change process works:

  • Rule change proposals are due by September 15th each year

  • Proposed rule changes are submitted to the D23 Board for review and authentication.

  • The board determines if the rule is valid and accurate from the AMA and D23 standpoint.

  • Rules are sent out to the members for review before the annual meeting.

  • Rules are voted on by the members present at the annual meeting.

  • Successful rule changes are added to the rule book for the racing season after the annual meeting (i.e. Dec. 2019 annual meeting rules implemented 2020).