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These three (3) races in the D 23 Motocross Championship Series are single race dates that consist of one (1) day of racing with a two (2) moto format.

The race counts as one (1) race and the difference is the racer will be awarded points based on the finish in EACH moto.  This makes these three (3) races extremely important for racers seeking a class title.  There is a maximum of 50 points available at each one of these races.  The AMA point schedule will be used.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.55.01 PM.png

There is one track from the northern part of the state, one from the central part of the state, and one from the southern part of the state.  This will bring class leaders together for these three races in head to head competition.  It will be very hard to win a class without attending these three (3) races with the extra points being awarded due to per moto scoring.

Even if a racer has 10 races in he/she should plan on attending these three (3) races to secure his/her place in the points standings.  Throw outs will work as they always have in the past.  D23 will count your highest 10 races and any above that will be considered throw outs.