Turn in Your Black Cards at an Event

If you have not already done so, ARMCA/D23 members can turn in the black gift cards received with your membership card at events offered by participating clubs and promoters.

The clubs and promoters who have the gift bags are:

  • Straight Arrows
  • Spring Creek Motocross
  • Berm Benders
  • Motokazie
  • Golden Eagles
  • Twin Cities Trail Riders
  • Flying Dutchmen
  • Indianhead
  • RTW Cambridge
  • Moto City
  • Ranger Riders

If you have lost your card, you may pay the $5 lost card fee.  

You will receive an anniversary pin, sticker, soft straps, and a helmet medical ID card.  Thanks for being a member!

Beginner Ride Rescheduled for Aug 25 at Spring Creek

Twin Cities Trail Riders have rescheduled their Beginner Ride for Saturday, Aug 25, 2018.  The ride will take place on the ground of Spring Creek Motocross Park.  We will be using the pro-pit area, the hill behind the whoops, some of the trails, and the mini-track.  We will not be using any portion of the main motocross track.

The pro-pit area will be set up for skill development using cones, obstacles, etc.  The skills may include, weaving, shifting, turning, riding over obstacles, etc.  The hill behind the whoops will also be used for skill development such as riding across a hill or turning on a hill.  The trails and the mini-track will be used to help improve your skills by putting several skills together and increasing the amount of time spent riding.

None of the above areas will be formal classes.  People will be available to assist with advice.  All riding will be done at your own risk.

Camping will be available on Friday night.  

Costs are:

  • $10/adult
  • $5/child under 12
  • $30 for camping hook-up
  • $0 for primitive camping

You will need to be a member of ARMCA/District 23 to participate.  If you are not already a member, you can get a Trail membership for $10 or a Family membership for $25.  Competition memberships are accepted at non-competition events.

We will have 1 Dirtbike School class on Saturday as well.  The cost for the class will be $50 for TCTR or Golden Eagles Members.  $75 for no membership.  ARMCA/D23 membership also required, but no additional entrance fee needed.