Below is a list of the Trail bosses for each of the D23 ARMCA Off-Road Racing Events for 2018. Under the Volunteer rule (stated below) these are the contacts for each race to fulfill your requirements. Please make contact to ensure a spot at one of the venues. Don’t wait till the last minute as venues may have limited positions available.   

Gary Walton ERX HS & Crosby Enduro

Jason Goth;  Cambridge Sprint Enduro and Mora Family Enduro

John Martin Spring Creek 1 HS

Kraig Hinkemeyer Huntersville Enduro

Todd Lofstrom  Meadow Valley  HS

Zach Wittmer Kensington HS

Quentin Blomberg Staples HS

Dan Banks Trollhaugen HS

Rex Greenwald Mora Enduro

Todd Johnson Brookston HS

Ken Fastner Duquette Enduro

Curt Plzak Akeley Enduro

Jack Lane IV Spring Creek 2 HS

SECTION G: YEAR-END AWARD ELIGIBITY :  To be eligible for year end awards (not required for youth class riders, but is recommended for older youth riders – see Section H – Volunteer Bonus Points) a rider must be a District 23 member, and volunteer at a District 23and AMA sanctioned off road meet (either an Enduro or Hare scrambles as an approved D 23 event) District 23 club representatives must provide the list of club members within 14 days who have fulfilled their eligibility for year end awards to the District 23 points keeper after the respective meets. Failure to do so may result in fines or suspension. Riders only need to volunteer for one meet per year to fulfill their eligibility for year-end awards in both series.  

If the event is cancelled, event volunteers who have met the eligibility requirements for volunteer bonus points, excluding the day of the meet, will be eligible for year-end awards but not volunteer bonus points.  Subject to Board Review.

SECTION H, VOLUNTEER BONUS POINTS:  District 23 awards Bonus Points for working on Enduro and Hare Scrambles.  To qualify a rider must volunteer 24 hours in addition to the day(s) of the meet. Up to 12 hours (50%) of the required 24 hours of volunteer activity can include non-trail work such as sanctioning the event, securing permission for land use, preparing promotional materials, etc. Up to 12 hours (50%) of the required 24 hours of volunteer activity can also include time spent up to two weeks after the event doing such things as removing course markers and repairing trails. When calculating class standings, the rider will receive Bonus Points equivalent to a first place finish plus 5 points for volunteering to help with a meet. When calculating overall A standings, Bonus Points equal to the volunteer rider’s best overall finish will be used. Volunteer Bonus points can be awarded for only one event per series.  In the event of a two day format (two points paying events with the same classes being offered) for either Hare Scrambles or Enduro Events, volunteer bonus points will be awarded as 35 points for one day of the event and an average of finish points for the other day of the event. Will provide a course of action to follow for volunteer bonus points in the event a promoter hosts a two day same discipline event in off road racing. 

Youth participation rule:  PeeWee, Premier, Junior, and Girls 9-15 “may” receive Volunteer bonus points by accompanying their legal guardian. There is a difference in Amateur & Youth Volunteer requirements. To earn Volunteer points in both an Amateur & a Youth class, the rider must meet the Volunteer requirements for the Amateur class (applies for both Hare Scramble & Enduro)  one weekend work day prior to an off-road point paying meet.  In addition, the legal guardian and youth racer must assist the club the day of the meet.  The youth racer cannot race in any class the same day of the meet he or she receives volunteer bonus points in.  The youth racer will receive 35 volunteer bonus points.