Once a Racer…Always a Member

As the 2017 race season approaches, we start to think about our extended family, our District 23 family.  Who is coming back from last season?  How many new faces will we encounter?  Who will not be returning to the track?  As time moves on that once new face turns into the one returning from last season and eventually becomes the one that does not return.

The letter below was received at the District 23 office.  Richard Veenker was a long time District 23 member who raced flat track.  His passion for racing and supporting District 23 did not stop when he retired from flat track.

Richard Veenker

Richard…Godspeed and thank you for being a member of the District 23 family.  If you have retired from your respective sport and continue to be a District 23 member, THANK YOU!

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