Midwest Offroad Trail Riders

Midwest Offroad Trail Riders promotes enduro and hare scrambles events near Stone Lake, WI.

Website:  MOTRweb.webs.com

Address:  3730N Marsh Lake Rd., Stone Lake, WI 54876 (Summit Lake Game Farm)

Directions:  From Stone Lake, take Hwy 70 east out of Stone Lake until you come to a stop sign for Hwy 27.  Turn right onto 27/70.  Continue 2 miles, pass Sand Lake, and turn right at County Road F sign.  Go 5.5 miles and the road will turn 90 degrees to the left (east) and then 90 degrees to the right (south).  After the first turn, you want to continue going straight (east) onto the gravel “Right of Way Road”.  Look for arrows.

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