Get your photos uploaded!

If you received a letter from ARMCA D23 telling you that you won a year-end award, that letter also asks you to upload a photo for inclusion in the banquet programs…by November 1st, which is just a few days away now.

Hillclimbers are off the hook, as Mike Nelson Digital Photography will be providing all the photos for the hillclimb section of the program, as they have done in the past.  Otherwise, everyone else needs to make sure they get a photo uploaded by the 1st in order to get it in the program.

If you need any help with the upload, there’s a walkthrough linked at the top of the Banquet page – if you still need assistance after that, send an email to and let us know what you’re running into, and we’ll try to help.  Please do not just email in photos unless asked to do so.

UPDATE 10/29/14 – It seems we were still waiting for final points to be calculated for the offroad series…we should have those posted shortly.  Riders in those sports have until November 8th to get their photos uploaded – we should have those final points posted (and letters mailed) early next week.

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