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There have been many questions about the new end of year races.
Each weekend counts as 1 race just like other weekends.
The difference is how the races will be scored. Instead of getting one score based on your overall result from the 3 motos. You will recieve points earned in each moto. In otoher words if you were to go 1 1 1 instead of the normal 25 points you will recieve 75 points. three seconds would be 66 points instead of 22.
Why the change?
The membership has been asking for a method to determine a true champion in each class. This new format will accomplish that. It will be very hard to win a class without going to these races since there are 150 points up for grabs beween the 2 races.
If you do not have at least a 151 point lead in your class you may very well not win the class if you don’t attend these 2 races. The top contenders will have to race against each other once at a north track and once at a south track to secure a title.
As always we will count your best 15 finishes these two races more than likely will be higher points than earlier previous races due to scoring each moto.
Do you have to go to these races? no but you will most likely need to if you are seeking to win a class or place high in a class.

Saturday morning will be organized practice sessions no racers will be allowed on the track within 5 days prior to the event.
There will be a designated mechanics area and each racere entered will be given one pit pass for a pit person that is the only person that will be allowed in the designated pit area.
Entry fee is for the race and includes all 3 motos
How will the motos be run?
That will depend on numbers and weather. The plan is to get through practice and at least everyones first moto on Saturday. It is likely that part of the classes will run a second moto on Saturday.
Again all three motos comprise 1 race the total points earned will be the sum of points earned in each moto and not on averaged overall fiinish.

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